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Retinol Complex Eye Serum 

Price: $30.00

Known as the “windows to the soul,” the eyes are often the first place to betray one’s age. Collagen degradation,photo-exposure, environmental pollutants, even blinking and smiling can affect the sensitive skin around the eyes, accelerating the aging process. In the wake of these stressors, dark circles remain, and fine lines greatly detract from the overall appearance of the skin and face. With the area around the eyes constantly under siege, it is essential to take extra care in protecting and nurturing this sensitive skin.

Rich in nutrients and skin firming agents, Retinol Complex Eye Serum is an inclusive and unique complex of propolis, probiotics, green tea, pomegranate and caffeine that helps reduce all signs of aging around the eyes including the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, while toning the skin for a more youthful and rejuvenated look. The skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than the skin on the rest of the face. As we age, the collagen responsible for upholding the integrity of our skin begins to breakdown causing the skin to sag, easily affecting the sensitive skin around the eyes. Continual tugging, pulling and loss of elasticity eventually cause the skin to lose its elasticity. When both genetics and environmental pollutants are contributing to the aging of the eye area, it is important to employ appropriate measures to combat these variables.

Dark circles are certainly one of the most undesirable effects of environmental stress on the periorbital area. These darkened areas can be caused by an increase in pigmentation due to alterations in melanogenesis. A probiotic ingredient was designed to function as an analogue to ASP. This novel material is derived from Lactobacillus lactis strains and is capable of reducing hyperpigmentation, thus reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Additional benefits of Retinol Complex Eye Serum result from the incorporation of green tea extract and pomegranate extract. Free radicals contribute to physical aging, thus is it essential to protect and revive the skin with powerful nutrients and skin-firming agents. Green tea is exceptionally rich in Proanthocyanidins, potent antioxidants that are twenty times more powerful than Vitamin C and fifty times more powerful than Vitamin E1.Proanthocyanidins play a key role in the stabilization of collagen and maintenance of elastin, protecting the skin from environmental stressors, and improving capillary strength. By improving capillary strength, Proanthocyanidin rich Green Tea can reduce the leaking of blood that contributes to darkening in the periorbital area.

Using green tea helps boost the ability of Retinol Complex to protect the eye area from environmental damage while diminishing the appearance of dark, unsightly circles under the eyes. 

Pomegranate is a juicy, bright red fruit that is considered a super fruit because of its unique antioxidant benefits as well as its high nutritional value. Retinol Complex Eye Serum contains a distinct pomegranate extract which is extracted along with its high molecular weight carbohydrates. When applied on the skin, this ingredient provides immediate tightening and lifting benefits that help reduce the appearance of sagging and wrinkles.

Collagen degradation occurs earliest around the eyes where skin is thinnest, making it imperative for products to treat the damage that causes bags under the eyes. By including caffeine in Retinol Complex Eye Serum, the product has the ability to reduce puffiness and diminish the appearance of the bags that emerge under the eyes. Caffeine’s properties help reduce puffiness due to the ability to make blood vessels smaller. Additionally, its diuretic properties help deflate puffiness, increase circulation and minimize dark circles that form under the eyes. Furthermore, caffeine also provides antioxidant benefits that aid in the reduction of photo-aging.

Retinol Complex Eye Serum is capable of significantly reducing the appearance of bags under the eyes as well as dark circles after a 3 week period!

Reduces appearance of:

  • Wrinkles
  • Puffiness
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Dark circles
  • Immediate and perceivable skin tightening and lifting

Which skin type is it good for?

  • Dry
  • Combination
  • Normal

Size: 10 ml

A unique blend of:


Probiotics - Lactobacillus Ferment

Green Tea

High Molecular Weight Pomegranate Carbohydrates


Propolis ( A natural by product produced by our Honey Bees!)

For Best Results
Combine Retinol Complex Eye Serum with Propolis Skin Care's Collagen & Elastin Face Serum & Age-Defying Skin Cream to achieve the best results.